Hello everyone,

I am Nicole Brown and I want to welcome you to the world of my blog! This is all very new for me but I am determined to reach as many people as I can with one ultimate goal…. to tell you YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I remember when I first started in business I had continuous sense that I was alone. Yes, I had family and friends and they were all supportive, but what I lacked was someone I could talk to that had traveled the road I was on. I had so many questions, concerns, and “what if’s”.  Now almost 30 years later, with a wealth of information, it is my desire to reach out and help people through the uncertainty.

In early childhood development, daycare, and overall business I am the voice standing on the mountain screaming “YOU ARE NOT ALONE!” while at the same time reaching out a hand to help you through.

Since the foundation of my business is in the early childhood development arena I will stay true to my beginnings by sharing monthly concerning childcare issues that concern owners, operators, directors, and parents.  To speak to the needs of all business minded individuals, I will publish something monthly that addresses success in business that can be applied to any area.

Thank you  for trusting me with your time.  In the words of one of my favorite mentors, “Let’s Jump”.

Nicole Brown