Hello everyone,

I am Nicole Brown and I want to welcome you to the world of my blog! This is all very new for me but I am determined to reach as many people as I can with one ultimate goal…. to tell you YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I remember when I first started in business I had continuous sense that I was alone. Yes, I had family and friends and they were all supportive, but what I lacked was someone I could talk to that had traveled the road I was on. I had so many questions, concerns, and “what if’s”.  Now almost 30 years later, with a wealth of information, it is my desire to reach out and help people through the uncertainty.

In early childhood development, daycare, and overall business I am the voice standing on the mountain screaming “YOU ARE NOT ALONE!” while at the same time reaching out a hand to help you through.

Thank you  for trusting me with your time.  In the words of one of my favorite mentors, “Let’s Jump”.

Nicole Brown